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Stress can shorten your lifespan in many ways. Most commonly stress impacts your heart rate but that isn’t all that stress affects. When left unchecked it goes on to affect many areas of your body. Under chronic stress the body can undergo a host of issues including but not limited to diabetes, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, lack of concentration and even hair loss. Many suffer lifelong health issues because they fail to address the chronically occurring stress which may be the underlying factor causing all of the other symptoms. At Simply Success Now, Norm will go over stress reduction techniques that you can use in any stressful situation. Start learning today by calling 734-287-2930 and speaking with him about ways that his techniques will help you.


It may seem an odd question but, are you aware of when you're stressed out? Stress can be recognized in ourselves by the way we act and by the way we talk or sometimes it’s as simple as a change in our routine. There are times when we aren’t even aware that we are stressed out but our bodies always give us clues. When we are able to be aware of the fact that we feel stress then comes the next question. What causes the stress? You may think that it’s the children running amuck or the big deal at work falling through but those things may not be the actual source of what is causing it but rather they become the victims of it. Norm can help you to determine where the stress is actually coming from. Whether it stems from events which occurred during your childhood or current situations you'll learn to manage it successfully with Norm’s help.


You will learn many things about yourself during the process but Norm will walk you through each step of the way. With his help you’ll soon be able to maintain the healthier lifestyle that you imagine for yourself. Not only will you learn about why you feel stressful but you’ll also learn to recognize it before it becomes a problem. With Norm’s guidance you’ll soon be practicing breathing and thought control techniques easily and naturally as though you’ve known them throughout your whole life.

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