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A question which is commonly asked is, “Can hypnosis help to control my chronic pain?” The answer is emphatically yes! Hypnotherapy can be very helpful with chronic pain and the surrounding issues that frequently come with it. Modern science is proving that hypnotherapy can be a useful tool in the treatment of chronic pain. In fact, an article from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, states (that), “In our experience, some patients experience an immediate reduction in pain severity following hypnosis treatment, whereas others can obtain reduction in pain with repeated practice of self-hypnosis or hypnosis sessions.

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It’s not uncommon for negative emotions to appear or to amplify during times of physical duress.  However, a person's emotional well being is often overlooked while being treated for a physical ailment.  If you're suffering from chronic pain then you'll understand that statement all too well.  You have to be the one to consider it.  According to WebMD chronic pain “can take a toll on your self-esteem and make you feel angry, depressed, anxious, and frustrated.”

Negative emotions can worsen greatly when ignored and can negate your intentions for physical healing.  Don’t wait for these things to become the controlling factors in your healing process.  Take control with hypnotherapy.  Discover why people are saying that hypnosis paves the way for a faster and more natural healing to occur. Learn how you can incorporate hypnotherapy with your medical doctor’s advice by contacting Norm Caldwell at Simply Success Now, call 734-287-2930


On the Hypnotherapy Directory website you’ll find tons of useful information regarding pain management and hypnotherapy. There it gives the gentle reminder that, “Medications and painkillers can also form part of your chronic pain management plan. Your doctor should always advise this. Painkillers can be effective, however it is important to use them safely as they can have side effects.”. Keeping this statement in mind, don’t you think that it’s time to give hypnosis a try? Stop wishing for the pain to go away and take action today! You have nothing to lose but the agony and suffering. Reach out today! Allow yourself to learn something new. Hypnotherapy may just be the key to unlocking your greater potential for healing.  Don’t wait any longer!.

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