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Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state by which suggestions bypass the conscious mind (CRITICAL FACTOR) and go directly to the inner conscious mind for acceptance.

You will feel deeply relaxed and free; many people feel lightness or heaviness, but most feel a comfortable detatchment from life's difficulties.

Since hypnosis is a consent state, you are always in control.

Since hypnosis is not sleep, you are always awake just deeply relaxed.

You have total control in hypnosis, always knowing what to say and do.

The majority of people have total recall; a few have partial recall

No. Excellent success can be achieved in a light or medium trance. The depth of the trance has nothing to with the success rate.

The hypnotherapist acts as a guide, working together with the client to make the desired changes.

THE EFFECTS CAN LAST A LIFETIME! To ensure your success, follow the directions and techniques of your hypnotherapist and play your reinforcement CD's.

Two out of three clients achieve the success that they are looking for. Most others achieve at least partial success. A major factor in our clients success is that they have reached a point of readiness and willingness to change.

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