Read these testimonies from people around the globe! They are from people who have enjoyed and found benefit in Norm Caldwell's workshops and seminars. Contact us today to check for available dates. Put the global appeal of these programs to work for you. Take a moment to read what people are saying. You'll even recognize and be surprised at many of the names!

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Comments From Around the Nation:

"You are blessed with an incredible gift and I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. I'm looking forward to organizing an event in San Diego."
                                                                              --Shirley Boyd

EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT. Thanks so much for your work with me. I feel that I have resolved my need to overeat due to your work with me."
                                                         --Diane Carlin Blankenbaker

"I wish you were in California, I only get to Michigan every two years. Thank you for my being a NON-SMOKER."
                                                                     --Judith Polmanteer

"OUTSTANDING" I work with addicts. I wanted to see (Norm) in action."
                                                                        --Luis A. Bendezu

"Jam packed, good information & techniques. I'm buying CD's to re-listen to."
                                                                         --Sandra Herbert

"Presented with power!"
                                                                      --Valda (Val) Smith

Comments From Around the Globe! (Australia & New Zealand):

"Your professionalism, care of manner, and wonderful humor added much to this teaching presentation. Your willingness to impart your knowledge gained over so many years and clients is certainly invaluable and certainly surpasses the many seminars and workshops I have attended in the last 10 years. "
                                                                             --Helen Denny

"Norm Caldwells' training is easily the most beneficial I have experienced. His knowledge, skills and ability to teach and entertain are inspirational."
                                                                    --Harvey T. Drumkey

"An excellent learning experience. I found you [Norm] to be an excellent teacher and a caring person and I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from you."
                                                                              --Bill McIntyre

"Norm is certainly a proficient hypnotherapist and I feel privileged to share his knowledge. I would like to attend more courses when available."
                                                                                 --Pat Collins

"I enjoyed every minute... If you do come "down under" again I'll be there."
                                                                     --Doreen Jayamaha

"I found the Norm Caldwell conference to be exciting, educational and inspiring."
                                                                        --Cheryl Campbell

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