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Stress is a natural part of our lives. It is a primitive survival instinct, signaling the body to be put on a partial or full alert. The central nervous system responds. It produces certain hormones preparing the body. This process is called the fight or flight reaction!

Things have certainly changed in our society. Today, you settle disputes by negotiation -- not fighting. You can't fight or run. If you do that, then nothing gets settled. There would be no one to compromise or to win. The best way to handle stress today is the power of your inner mind - the most powerful tool in the world. Here are some great stress reducers:

  • The deep breathing techniques. Take 3 deep breathes, saying relax, relax deeply or achieve now to yourself. Allow this to take away any discomforts that you might encounter. After a short while, one or two deep breathes gives you instant relief.
  • Use thought switching techniques whenever you receive thoughts in your mind that create any discomforts. You automatically switch your thoughts to any helpful, happy successful time or experience in your life. You key relaxation word is now.
  • Your key relaxation number is seven.

You now understand, self directed inner mind power is yours to use at your command, anytime -- anywhere! You have now decided to take control of the stress in your life. It is now becoming clear to you that if you do not take control of it, it will continue to control you. And you certainly don't need this reaction to stress anymore in your life. You have worked hard in your life, you deserve it. You are entitled to it. No one deserves this more than you!

There's No Better Day Like Today To Get Started!

#45 Stress Relief & Management
Allow yourself to feel your inner peace and the tranquility of letting go.
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