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Addictions come in many forms. They are picked up quite easily and hardly noticed at first. Addictions begin when an experience with something (i.e. alcohol, cocaine, crack, marijuana, sex, gambling or nicotine) feels good. The experience then becomes something that we do when we want to feel good. When you do want to feel good? Perhaps one day a week? Two? Maybe you feel that you deserve to feel good every day. Then one day a year or two later you find that doing this one thing is all that now makes you feel good. This is a large part of what addiction is.

Another part of addiction is that when this good feeling becomes harder to achieve through your experience with the addiction (whatever it may be). The solution becomes an increase in the dosage instead of searching for a more positive change. Now is when the whistles and bells should be going off loudly in your head, issuing a warning that, "Is this behavior now an addiction?"

Think of how simple it is to become addicted to something; all that you have to do is reach for one thing. That one thing will make everything feel better and forces the pain to go away. Now, realize that the cure for addiction is much more difficult. You still have to reach for something but it is not another drug or drink, it's your life.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be a useful tool against addiction and it's one that you can reach for. The first step is to admit that you are no longer in control and that you have given your freedom away to your addiction. You can beat the addiction! You will achieve success when you fight to regain your freedom with the weapons of choice and determination. Let your freedom ring!

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