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The key to success.

Norm Caldwell is the key to your success!

Accomplish your goals using hypnosis as a tool.  Norm Caldwell is the key to success for individuals, groups and corporations alike when it comes to attaining their goals.   For over thirty years of experience he has changed many lives for the better with little more than a desire to do so on the part of the participant and his soothing voice. 

Norm  has authored books, appeared as a guest on radio and television and has traveled to far away places during his career in hypnotherapy.  He’s participated in workshops and seminars from many states in the US, New Zealand and Australia.  And on many of these occasions he’s demonstrated his personally developed techniques which have been met with great approval by his peers.  

He’s had very successful results while working with clients to release their dependencies on drug or alcohol addiction and his success in treating insomnia and depression are worth a mention here as well.  Say goodbye to those old traits and/or habits in just a short time by putting Norm’s specialized training to work for you.  Call 734-287-2930 to speak with him regarding your plans to create a better future.



Your opportunity for change is just up ahead.

Your opportunity for change is just up ahead.

 Norm Caldwell’s years of work and study led him to develop his own technique which he refers to as Rapid Induction Hypnosis.  He’s confident in his abilities but he clearly understands that growth and change require constant awareness of new developments. 

He holds many certifications, awards and acknowledgements but his greatest success story could turn out to be yours!  Your opportunity for positive change is just up ahead!


Create a new future.

Create your own success story using hypnosis.

You can be a success too!  Hypnotism has been proven to be effective and useful in many ways and Norm has had ample opportunity to explore most, if not all, of them.  As an accomplished certified hypnotherapist (CHT) and a former Vice President of The National Society of Hypnotherapists Norm’s specialties include but are not limited to smoking cessation, weight loss, overcoming fears or depression and more.  It’s time to create a new life story, one that involves a healthy, happy and successful you!


Hope over despair

Leave despair behind! There’s hope right up ahead!

Try hypnosis today!  Schedule an appointment for a private session or group party and let the expertise of Norm Caldwell work for you. Leave despair behind!  There’s hope right up ahead!  Call 734-287-2930 to speak with Norm about setting a guided course toward a new and improved you!