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Discover your inner potential using hypnosis!

There is great potential bottled up within you. Discover it from the sea of your mind using hypnotism.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?  Well, put simply, hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state in which suggestions made by a trained hypnotherapist can bypass the conscious mind.  These positive suggestions can then go directly to the inner mind and be more readily accepted.  This state of mind can be described as feeling lighter, freer or, as pleasantly detached from life’s difficulties.

It’s highly worth the mention that a major factor in a person’s success is that they have already reached the point of readiness and willingness for change.  If you’re ready for a change and willing to allow your potential to reach new heights hypnosis can work for you like it has for so many others.


There is a treasure within you!

Hypnosis makes it easy to unlock your hidden treasures.

People may ask, “How can hypnosis help me?” and the answer varies depending upon the situational particulars.  But it has been proven to be an effective tool in assisting multiple aspects of human improvement and growth.  Hypnosis makes it easy to unlock your hidden treasures and live the life that you were meant to.

Finally, people are being released from drug and alcohol addiction as they indulge in what they had thought was impossible.  Ending the addictions!  Because they are learning techniques with hypnotherapy they have gone on to live fuller and more meaningful lives.  Their stories are posted all over the internet and have become the success stories that will inspire you to make the call. 

Hypnotherapy  helps with more than the obvious go to’s and people are discovering that it can help to catapult healing on many levels.  Things like weight loss and headache or migraine relief are showing great success.  Stress or guilt relief are made much easier to obtain while incorporating hypnosis.  And things like hypnosis for coping skills are making an uplifting impact for those seeking relief from guilt or mourning. 

Pull back the curtain of your mind using hypnosis.

Pull back the curtain of your mind using hypnosis.

Pull back the curtain of your mind using hypnosis and learn to improve your memory skills!  Find that part inside of you that can do things that were previously impossible.  Things like freaking out while flying or being in closed spaces will no longer be a problem and you may discover that you really enjoy giving speeches! 

The positive potential for the practice of hypnosis is being proven daily.  And scientists and medical doctors are discovering what hypnotherapists have known for many, many years already.  It’s not hokus-pokus!  It’s hypnosis and it works!

There truly are no short cuts to good health, prosperity or happiness but hypnosis can offer you a comfortable and drug free journey.  For more information about the therapist at Simply Success Now check out the ABOUT NORM CALDWELL , C.H.T. page.  And for more options check out the OFFERED SERVICES page often as they are constantly being updated to match the choices that are  currently available upon request.


Typical office hours are from 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M Monday through Friday.  However, when you call 734-287-2930 for an appointment during normal business hours, Norm Caldwell will be happy to discuss his available days and hours for hypnosis sessions.  He’s happy to accommodate most requests *when available because he understands that time factors play a large role in a person’s ability to be successful.  His desire is that you will be successful and that you will continue to grow from your experiences using the knowledge that you’ll acquire.  Call during your lunch hour if you’re unavailable during normal business hours but take the time, for yourself, to inquire.