Hello, I am Norm Caldwell here to help people bring positvie changes in their lives with Hypnotherapy.

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Welcome to Simply Success Now, my name is Norm Caldwell. As director of Simply Success Now, I have had the opportunity to reach many people, helping them to bring about desired changes and meaningful improvements to their lives. I am well known by my peers for sharing techniques in workshops and seminars in the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. I am also a member and former Vice President of The National Society of Hypnotherapists, with specialized training at the following institutes:

* The Hypnosis Training Institute of Michigan
* The Ethical Hypnosis Training Institute - NJ
* The Hypnosis Training Institute - CA
* Hypnosis Guild - NH

Aside from my radio & television appearances, I am a teacher and an author. I have worked with major hospitals, Police Organizations and corporations. I specialize in all-night (school) parties and volunteer my time to schools teaching students about the usefulness of hypnosis. I have worked in the field of Rapid Induction Hypnotherapy for over 20 years.

My expertise include:

* Freedom from alcohol and drugs
* Weight Loss
* Stop Smoking
* Pain and Headache Relief
* Improving Memory and Concentration
* Overcoming Phobias
It is my goal to help people bring positive changes in their lives with Hypnotherapy.

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Attaining Wealth & Power
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Exercise made Easy
Increasing your energy level
Release yourself from Drugs
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Increasing your energy level
Release yourself from Drugs
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Stroke - Improving Mental & Physical Responses.